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Company culture

1, the company vision: to develop energy-saving motors, the development of green energy; value for customers, for the benefit of mankind.

2, the company mission: to set up a technology leader in the domestic, foreign, specializing in rare earth permanent magnet motor and control system development and design team; the establishment of a rare earth permanent magnet motor and control system for leading products, to mention create energy-saving, environmental protection and service to the idea of manufacturing enterprises.

3 core values: honesty, teamwork, technological innovation, people text.

4, Business philosophy: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.

5, Quality: respect design, do not cut corners, without reducing accuracy, cast and brand.

6, management philosophy: close to the customer, closer to employees; close to the scene, giving priority to efficiency.

7, its own magic: excellent quality, quality service, integrity and culture.